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We are a Steiner inspired group for pre-school children and their carers.

We follow the seasons, we believe in working with hands, and with rhythm, repetition and reverence.


Our Mission



Our mission is to give children a space to be inspired and create and enliven nature, to ignite creativity, spontaneity and joy.

a place where the heart is the centrepiece of learning.

Under the Trees is a reflection of communities that are inspired by anthroposophy.

Testimonials from parents

"Sara runs the group with a sense of peace and calm along with experience in a welcoming happy environment. her demeanour makes her approachable to all."

"The group is very easy going and well structured, and this routine helps the children to settle in very quickly. my daughter was a very clingy and nervous child but has grown in confidence very quickly by coming to the group."

"An insight into steiner education and intentions. A safe place for us to be together and learn new things."

"We loved making the little creations and taking them home to play with."

"Sara creates a beautiful sacred space. I always feel held."

Our Story

Find out more about the inspiration behind Under the Trees. 

Recipes & Songs

Here are some recipes and songs that we use every day at Under the Trees. 

Groups & Pricing

Find out more about the group schedule and pricing of Under the Trees.


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All children have a right to :



Live in wonder.

Be protected 

Make their own discoveries, in their own time.



You are your childs' first teacher