Our Story


We have a philosophy based on kindness to self; cherishing time with loved ones and finding ways to enjoy simple things.

The word "hygge" focusing on uncomplicated joys, helps us to live more contented lives. 

We have a comfortable home setting that offers an excellent introduction to the Steiner approach to parenting and child development.


We also provide an encouraging opportunity for parents and carers to meet and support one another, facilitated by an experienced group leader.

Rhythm, Repetition and Reverence are the 3 R's of Steiner Early Years education.


The Rhythm of the morning at Under The Trees consists of 3 elements; In, Out and Still.


To explain more clearly, we begin with in, we sing the morning song together in a circle, holding hands in the garden. This is the 'breath in' we then walk around the garden together where we delight in the 'fairy garden', the garden pond, the fruit in the trees here we look out for the creatures and plants growing...we then have fruit tea and buttered oatcake outside.

Then the children are free to play - this is the 'Out breath', when parents and carers relax with their tea and the children go about their business. 

After a while I ring the little bell and sing;
 "Chop, Chop, Choppity Chop
  Chop off the bottom and chop ff the top,
  Whats left in the middle we put in the pot,
  Chop chop Choppity Chop"

And so we begin to prepare the food, this is the second 'breath in' and so on throughout the morning there is rhythm.


Just as we breathe, so do we work and play...


The rhythm is always the same throughout each morning at Under The Trees albeit the songs, craft and activities change according to the season.


The Repetition creates a sense of safety and security as we all feel the value of returning to a place we recognise.


Reverence is about our attitude to children, it is about a deep understanding of the way in which children learn;

"Not in utter nakedness do we come but trailing clouds of Glory"

Children of this age live in a world of wonder, joy and reverence.


We strive to meet them in their sensibilities, by not reasoning nor intellectualising, but by showing them through imagination how to be, hence we do not explain to them but by our acts show them the way.

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