Recipes & Songs




We bring and share food from our homes and gardens, dishes learnt from Grandmothers, from multi-cultural kitchens vegetables grown carefully from treasured allotments...

as well as food bought locally,  we tend towards organic and always vegetarian. it's always a culinary adventure as the food arrives, never knowing what will come. There are in-depth conversations around how the meal will evolve, and the skills and tips are shared and everyone helps prepare, we always seem to produce a delicious and nutritional spread.

The children have the opportunity to contribute in the chopping up of fruit and vegetables around a table, with knives and boards...
cared for by myself and sometimes another parent. They enjoy learning about chopping and slicing...little hands holding slippery bananas, balancing rolling cucumbers and satisfying compliant courgettes.


Yes, I did say knives! A parent and child group where children, toddlers, babes in arms wield knives! Indeed they do... the knives they use however are bone-handled butter totally safe and children enjoy very much the power of cutting and the joy of contributing to the meal.



The world is chaotic without rhythm.

Children lie in the ocean of time itself, an everlasting now.

Rhythm is very important in young children's lives.

Singing to them (however imperfectly we think we are) reassures children, promoting health & contentment, strengthening growing life forces.


Children live in a musical element, they live in the music.


At Under the Trees, we use song to guide the children from one activity to another...


Song is magic,

Singing calms, 

It works for all all.