Here are some Recipe ideas we have shared at Under the Trees:


Lavender biscuits, using dried lavender, & a basic biscuit base.


Edible Flower biscuits- just press them in,-

using dandelion, daisies, nastutiums, honeysuckle, mint to name a few...

Flowers in salads- including honeysuckle, wood sorrel, mint, lemon balm, chive heads, fennel, calendular.

Soups- using nettles, wild garlic, sticky weed/culver

Bread- Fennel, using dried fennel seeds, 

           Seed, using poppy seeds, sunflower seeds,                           pumpkin seeds

           Rosemary , using dried rosemary

Pesto- Basil leaves, pine nuts/walnuts, lemon, garlic,oil, salt & pepper,balsamic vinegar

Fritatas- potatoes, eggs, herbs,garlic,onion,cheese

Drinks- Mint teas, lemon balm teas, camomile teas.