Here's a song we love to use at Under the Trees:


Over in the meadow

Over in the meadow, 

In the sand, in the sun,

Lived dear mother toad

and her little toadie one.

"Jump!" said the mother, 

"I JUmp!" said the one.

So they jumped and they jumped,

In the sand in the sun.

Over in the meadow,

Where the stream runs blue,

Lived dear mother fish

And her little fishes two.

"Swim!" said the mother,

"We swim!" said the two.

So they swam and they swam,

Where the stream runs blue.

Over in the meadow,

in a big oak tree,

lived a dear mother robin

and her little robin three.

fly said the mother,

we fly said the three,

so they fly

round the big oak tree

Over in the meadow,

By the reeds on the shore, 

Lived an old mother rat

and her little ratties four.

"Dive!" said the mother,

"We dive!" said the four.

So they dived and they splashed,

by the reeds on the shore.

Over in the meadow, 

in a sunny beehive,

lived a mother honey bee

and her little honies five.

"Buzz!" said the mother,

"We buzz!" said the five.

So they buzzed and they buzzed,

in their sunny beehive.